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Pricing - Prints:

Limited Editions
Unframed Only
(As at December, 2007)

3 GWR Castles Colour, 30"x22": Edition of
250 Only
12.75 incl.

Duchess across the Menai Colour, 22"x18": Edition of 100
12.75 incl.
Only a few left of the above

Cummins No.6 Virgin Voyager Colour, 30"x22": Open Edition
12.75 incl.

West Country Pacific Black & White, 30"x22": Edition of 850
12.75 incl.

New Class A1 Pacific Black & White, 30"x22": Edition of 850
12.75 incl.
Postage & Packing INCLUSIVE in all the above

Forthcoming Limited-Edition Print, 2007/8 NEW

Includes two full colour views plus very highly detailed scale line drawing of a Holyhead based locomotive with the large high-sided type BRID tender. Based upon the Artist's schoolboy memories of observations at Penmaenmawr on the North Wales coast & Britannia Bridge.

This will be a VERY Limited-Edition of size 30"x22". A COLLECTOR'S PRINT.

Please register interest by e-mail: Likely unframed inclusive price around 15 at time of writing, November 2007.
  • Prices inclusive of U.K. postage/packing.
  • Overseas/Airmail/Airfreight: Welcome, please ask for quotation of extra transport fee.


      Full Payment with order

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