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Print Ordering

Terms of Business

Please E-mail the Artist at:

Please include your:

Name/Address/Your E-mail address;
Your Exact requirements.

Artist will respond within 2 or 3 days and will send invoice – Full payment required prior to despatch please.

Enquiries from N.America warmly welcomed.

Print Ordering, U.S. & Canadian Customers: Please note:

  1. The Artist reminds these customers that if transactions are NOT conducted in U.S. or Canadian $, then the Pound Sterling is used, (not the Euro).

  2. Recommended Payment Methods : (U.S.A. & Canada):

    1. Cheapest Option: U.S. or Canadian $ bills sent by post to total price of goods plus post & packing, at current £/$ Exchange Rate, plus £2 Sterling handling charge in U.K.


    1. Personal Cheque in U.S. or Canadian $ to total price of goods with p&p, at the Current £/$ Exchange Rate, plus £5 Sterling covering U.K Bank charges.


    1. U.S. or Canadian 'Bank Draft' to total incl. Amount written on a U.K. Bank in Pounds Sterling at current Exchange Rate.(This method can be expensive at the 'N.American end!')

Print Ordering, 'Mainland Europe' Customers Only, (EEC):

  1. Euros (CASH), at current Euro/£ Sterling Exchange Rate for total full amount.(Plus £2 Sterling handling charge in U.K.) Send by Post.


  1. Personal Cheque in Euros to the total incl.amount.Plus £5 Sterling to cover U.K. Bank Charges.


  1. European Bank Draft to total incl. amount, written on a U.K. Bank in Pounds Sterling at current Exchange Rate.

All Customers Please E-Mail The Artist For Inclusive Quotation

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