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Gallery 3: Impressions, Original Paintings for Purchase

Original Paintings for purchase.
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Shaftesbury. No.5. 1996.

San Francisco. No.4. 1996/7.

Shelsey Walsh. No.2. 1995.

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Swiss Rack. No.1. 1995.

Hot-Air. No.3. 1995/6.

The above prices are for the paintings only. Transportation, insurance and packing costs can be quoted

These Paintings are designed to be placed upon staircase walls, hence their unusual shape. All portray scenes involving 'steep hills' to suit the 'staircase idea!' Supplied mounted, glazed and framed.

SIZE – 96 x 47cm

To register your interest in purchasing any of these "Originals", please email the Artist Potential customers from the U.S.A. and overseas are particularly welcome. Please ask for a quotation for transport costs, insurance and packing.
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