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About the Artist


Born Leicester, U.K., 1944. Studied fine art at Leicester & Cardiff Colleges of Art & Design. Post-Graduate Studies at Leeds University. 26 Years an educationalist in Art/Design/Graphics/Technology. Now works full-time as Graphic-Artist/Technical Illustrator. He has Works owned by Companies in the U.K., Europe, Turkey, Morocco, Middle East & the U.S.A.

Specialist of Mechanical Engineering Subjects to Commission

His late Father was a professional Engineer & Works Manager with 'B.T.H' / 'A.E.I' / 'G.E.C'.
Ancestor: John Linnell, R.A., (1792–1882).


Has shown his work at several U.K. venues, including the National Railway Museum, York with the ' Guild of Railway Artists', and similarly, at Derby Industrial Museum.
He has scale historical 7mm railway models in the collection of Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery.

Materials Used

Mostly 'mixed media', i.e: Gouache Paint; Pastel; Pencil-Crayon; Pen and Pencils.


Extremely fine detail, 'photographic-precision'. Technically accurate. Employs magnifying-lens throughout. Detailed subject research.

Range of Work

Literally 'anything mechanical', – though Railway vehicles of all kinds are his 'first love'.
Highly accomplished in complex drawing of large diesel power-plants for many types of transportation. A 'master' of pencil techniques and an adept draughtsman in many areas, from, and including meticulous technical-drawing'... to lifelike portraiture.

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